640 x 480 image resolution
300,000 pixels (VGA)

Model : DC-30U

Digital Stills Camera
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Handheld Digital Camera / Video Camera /Webcam
Resolution :
VGA 640 x 480 (300,000 pixels)
Image resolution
Best : 640 x 480
Good : 320 x 240
Memory : On board 8M SDRAM  memory allows fast capture refreshing time and fast retrieving time while downloading. Storage for up to 26 pictures at max. resolution and 107 pictures at QVGA mode.
Lens :
f= 6mm (equivalent to 48mm for a 135mm camera)
fixed focus / electrical shutter
Focus Range :
2 ft (0.6m) - Infinity
Features :
Capture Video at up to 30 frames per second for True Full Motion Video
Self-Timer : with 10 sec delay
Power-Saving: Auto Off after 30 sec
Image type :
Size :
Compact in size and light weight. (90mm x 60mm x 26mm)
Interface :
USB directly from camera
Power Source :
DC 6 volt  (AAA x 4)
Packaging :

Clamshell - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD  or Floppy Disk
Gift box - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD or Floppy Disk

Software included : 1. AuraSee software 2. DSC software 3. AVI Creator Software 4. iVisit software

System Requirements Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Min. 486 or compatible PC
at least 8 MB RAM available
10 MB available hard disk space
VGA or SVGA monitor recommended
Available USB port and CD ROM drive 
[ USB driver download ]
*All specification are subject to change without notice

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